Thrive and Expand Your Journey

The First Unity movement is expanding because of our commitment to our leaders and members. First Unity gives our leaders a sacred space to pave their spiritual path. A path that empowers others to pave theirs. It is with our leadership team’s commitment, passion and focus that unfolds our Vision, “We envision a world that embraces, embodies and expresses Unity.”

One strong commitment a leader makes is to become a leader of one’s life – spiritually, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

The best way to step into leadership at First Unity Spiritual Campus is to take responsibility for paving your own path. Our staff and ministers serve thousands of people at any given time so it is not possible for us to serve all of your needs. It is also not what we want to teach you. We want to offer the consciousness of growth and allow you to have your own connection to your source in order that your life may flourish and you may truly discover Spirit within. As our mission statement says, “We inspire, ignite, and invigorate ourselves to pave our spiritual path” yet the work to be done lies within each individual.

You get our attention by living and demonstrating your intention.

Discover your Abundance as a Leader

Our First Unity leadership team supports and guides each other through, leadership meetings, classes, events, and workshops that our leaders develop. We live our vision by demonstrating it to each other. We are all One—a thriving spiritual community.

Please visit any of our Ministries pages to see how you can contribute as a leader.

Here are some ways we know you are engaged within our community:


Membership is a sacred ritual offered to individuals who want to belong and take a stand for our spiritual community. You take a stand by giving of your time, talent and treasures and more importantly giving of your energy to our spiritual campus. Membership brings a person from the place of what are they doing for me to what can I do for them. In the beginning phases of spirituality, we seek community to help us yet over time the naturally shift is “what can I do for them?” We are few and you are many. Membership gives you the right and the honor to vote on important collective decisions made or suggested by the leaders and the Board of Trustees. In other words, YOU have a voice.

We teach empowerment at our spiritual community and we celebrate when a new leader is among us.

Here are a few ways to lead:

  • Board of Trustees
  • Prosperity Team
  • Youth and Family Opportunities
  • Creative Arts
  • Performing Arts
  • Holistic and Wellness Opportunities
  • Licensed Unity Teacher studies
  • Chaplain
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Welcome team – Supportive of visiting ministers/leaders/ keynote