Have you ever heard the statement,” My life is falling apart so it can come together in a new way”? There are times right before we give up that things fall into place. Steven Covey emphasizes that in order to achieve success, you must keep the end in mind. Ask yourself where you would like the end result to be, then come back to today and integrate little steps towards the goal.

You may not be able to afford a trip to Paris next week but you could a get a set of luggage, order a passport, and get brochures from an agent. Then set aside a bank account/savings account specifically for your Paris trip. There is always a door and a way. I think we spend more time arguing our position versus looking for new solutions.

My friend taught me a lot about relationships because she would say, “I’ve spent as much time divorcing my husband as I have being with him.” She was always willing to be on the edge of leaving so she could see clearly what their relationship needed and she would give him permission to do the same.

Next time you are getting ready to walk away, ask what are you about to give up on? It helps if you redefine what you are expecting to happen. Maybe leaving or quitting isn’t the answer, maybe a new direction is.

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