7:15 pm — 8:45 pm

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A Class via ZOOM: Balanced Body, Lighter You! Optimal Weight Loss for Healthy Living! Dr. Debbie Roche is a board-certified chiropractor.

About this Event

In this health empowerment class, you will learn several wellness-based tools to help optimize your approach to successful weight loss. If you feel that you are doing all the right things, but are still not losing any weight, this class is for you! Whole body alignment is always the optimal goal when addressing any kind of imbalance, including extra weight. There are many easy to align health imbalances that can greatly interfere with healthy metabolism and optimal body weight. This class will look at weight and weight gain in a very comprehensive and thorough way, far beyond the calorie in, calorie out approach.

Cost of this class is $25 and if you are experience financial concerns due to COVID 19 or another reason, First Unity and Dr. Debbie are making this class available on a sliding scale payment.

In This Class You Will Learn:

• Wellness-based cellular principles that can help speed up weight loss.

• How hormones directly impact your overall metabolism and fat retention.

• Which body system imbalances directly impact weight gain.

• Energetic and metaphysical factors that influence overall body weight.

• Which foods help your body remain lean and balanced.

• Keto and fasting principles that help weight loss and how to use them in a healthy way.

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November 23
7:15 pm - 8:45 pm
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