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In Yoga philosophy we have three bodies: the Causal is the deep consciousness where the essences of our ideas form, and where the seeds of “karmic software” are stored; in the Subtle these become clothed in image, concept, and language, and from these inner patterns much of our Physical Body and world is formed.

Visualization or affirmation can be effective, but will affect mainly the Subtle Body and not necessarily touch the Causal—where deep creation begins. We cannot easily affect the Causal through the thinking mind, but only by directing consciousness and prana (life-force) through practices like deep meditation, contemplation, breath, and mantra or sound.

  • Learn simple but profound meditation and breath practice to take us to the Causal level.
  • Understand that karmic conditioning on the Causal level may conflict with our more conscious intentions in the Subtle and mental level.
  • Understand how each of our chakras (energy centers) are both broadcasting and receiving centers, and are conditioned by our samskaras (stored karmic impressions) which can prevent their working together as a “team” to most optimally fulfill our lives.
  • Learn practices that enable us to “speak” to our causal for deep transformation and value fulfillment.
  • Learn to speak to the causal body of others. A powerful way for us to not only change ourselves—but also to fulfill our deepest longings—is by speaking, in meditation, to others on their causal level–even (and especially!) those for whom we have mixed feelings.

Thomas Amelio intensely studied and practiced yogic disciplines in India, where he edited Rajarshi Muni’s classic, Yoga–The Ultimate Spiritual Path. He is a founding member of, and has been a senior teacher at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health for over 40 years, He is President Emeritus of the NY Open Center in NYC (13 years). Thomas’s organization—Contemplative Solutions, LLC, offers the time-tested core wisdom and practices from the Eastern mindfulness and yoga traditions in a way that complements the best in modern mind-body practices. He has taught and coached thousands in the areas of meditation, mantra, Self-Inquiry, Vedic understanding, personal development, and Yoga Philosophy.

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Childcare is available and furnished by our Red Cross Certified Care Specialists in the same building as the event. $10 per child, $5 each additional child from the same family. Pre-Registration is required for child care, no ‘walk in’ child care.


February 16
2:00 pm
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