6:00 pm — 7:00 pm
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Join us at First Unity Spiritual Campus in St. Petersburg, Florida via LIVESTREAM for Summer Solstice Celebration!

Live Fire Ritual, music, dance, drumming and more. Featuring the Unity Voices, Unity Dancers and special guests Jay Miah and Jennifer Real.

Rev. Kimberley Harrell will call the quarters and cast the sacred circle. We will celebrate the longest day of the year. And so the cycle continues and we Celebrate.

What is a solstice? Ancient cultures all around the world and our Ancestors knew that the sun’s path across the sky, the length of daylight, and the location of the sunrise and sunset all shifted in a regular way throughout the year.

They built monuments, such as Stonehenge, to follow the sun’s yearly progress. Some 5,000 years ago, people placed huge stones in a circle on a broad plain in what’s now England and aligned them with the June solstice sunrise. There were two great pyramids and then the Sphinx built on Egyptian sands. If you stand at the Sphinx on the summer solstice and gaze toward the two pyramids, you will see the sun set exactly between them.

It has been universal among humans to treasure this time of warmth and light. For us in this modern day and world, the solstice is a time to recall the reverence and understanding that our Ancestors had for the sky.

And so the cycle continues and we Celebrate through ritual, music and dance.

COVID 19 UPDATE: This event will be via LIVESTREAM. See you there!

As with all of our Spiritual Services, the Summer Solstice Celebration is FREE to attend. You may choose to ‘purchase’ a Donation ‘ticket’ for the event as we are a Non Profit Organization and we thrive on your tithes, offerings and donations. All offerings are received with Love and Gratitude. Blessed Be.

With Rev. Kimberley and Rev Dr. Aileen, & Featuring the Unity dancers, Unity Voices, Jay Miah and Jennifer Real. Have your drums and rattles at the ready to join in this vibrant celebration via LIVESTREAM!