Empowerment Equals Commitment

Want a quick and easy journey into the heart and soul of First Unity Spiritual Campus and the teachings of the Unity movement? Attend one of our complimentary classes and get acquainted with us. We’d love to get to know you, too! Discover Unity classes are held 3-4 times throughout the year.

You can:

  • Fill out a Welcome Card and check membership
  • Sign up for enews to stay in touch
  • Look to the calendar each month for postings of the Discovery Unity Class

This class is designed for both individuals new to our campus and Unity veterans who want to deepen their understanding of our dynamic community. In this program, we will explain about what it means to be a member of First Unity Spiritual Campus, how our campus operates and who does what, when and why. Your comprehension of our leading edge community will allow you to appreciate more fully than ever the richness of our campus. New members will be received into membership the last Sunday of the month.

To register: call 727-322-4610  or email [email protected].