• Expand Your Purpose

    Our volunteer ministry is based on the Truth that each of us has spiritual gifts and unique talents to offer, and that these gifts are woven together to create a vibrant and growing spiritual community. Volunteerism is a word that often implies, “we need your help.” Fundamentally, we believe that the most involved is the most evolved.
    Be the Power and empower others. Become involved to evolve. Volunteer and expand your spiritual journey.
    In spiritual leadership, it is always very evident when people involve themselves by not only pursuing growing within their community yet also a dedication to supporting their community to grow. If you are looking to get more involved – evolved , there is no better place than volunteering. Your level of involvement is up to you-we appreciate each and every one of our volunteers. It is your dedication that allows us to serve tens of thousands of people throughout the world. Download Your Volunteer Application

    Why volunteer?

    1. Service is an act of devotion to God.
    2. To meet new people who are also serving.
    3. To experience the thrill of working together as a team in service to our spiritual community and our world.
    4. To experience the joy of giving and receiving an abundance of love and blessings.
    5. To have fun!

    Welcome to our Team

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