Psychological, Spiritual Counseling and Coaching

Spiritual and psychological counseling is sometimes a necessary part of our spiritual development. All of our counselors are trained professionals. Some of them charge a counseling fee while others accept a love offering. Spiritual and psychological counseling works like so many spiritual laws…what you put into the experience, is what you get back from it.

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Linda Carney

Linda-CarneyLicensed Unity Teacher, as well as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC). She has attended First Unity Church since the age of 12, and became a Licensed Unity Teacher at age 23. She has taught classes and done spiritual counseling at First Unity since 1975, and been a frequent guest speaker at Unity churches in the area.

Linda graduated with a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology in 1990, and has been a therapist in the fields of mental health, addictions, and hospice services for 17 years. She works with individual and relationship issues of all kinds, and specializes in finding a spiritual approach to every problem, as well as resolving blocks from the past that interfere with the present. She is in private practice in St. Petersburg. Her website is and her profile may be found on, under “Find a Therapist.”

For questions, or to schedule an appointment with Linda, call (727) 424-2636 or email her.

Rev. Serena Hemmer

Reverend P. A. “Serena” Hemmer, MSW, LCSW, SLC 

Psychotherapist | Hypnotherapist | Certified Spiritual Life Coach 
Heart-Centered, Holistic, Creative and Spiritual

Your life can evolve and change so that you may find freedom and peace! My mission is to assist you to explore and discover your own answers from within, and to remember, recover and honor your true, authentic self so you can live life with greater ease and abundant joy. Let me guide you to transform your-Self and your life. 

Having studied and practiced many holistic approaches to health and well-being, as well as a variety of world religions and life philosophies, my approach to therapy is from a holistic perspective, taking into consideration the relationship between mind, body, and spirit. ​

I bring my education, experience, and intuition to my practice and particularly my creativity to my work with children, adolescents, and adults. I have acquired a broad awareness of the variety of challenges many face and have witnessed the intrinsic ability we each have to overcome those challenges and to thrive. ​​

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with Certifications in Rational Hypnotherapy and Spiritual Life Coaching. I was ordained as a metaphysical, inter-faith minister in 2006. 

Several Insurances Accepted. Please contact your insurance provider for eligibility ​PRIOR to scheduling your first appointment. Out of Network, Self-Pay Rates and Packages are available.

For questions or to schedule an appointment with Reverend Serena Hemmer, email her, or visit

David E. Swindall

DavidSwindallDavid is a M.Div. L.M.F.T.Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and has been counseling individuals, couples and families for thirty five years. He received his Master of Divinity degree from Columbia Theological Seminary and brings an understanding of the integration of the psychological and the spiritual aspects of our lives. David is a Clinical Member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) and takes a solution-focused brief therapy approach to counseling.

David served two terms as President of the Pinellas Association of Marriage and Family therapist. David was the Clinical Director of a drug treatment program where he learned the effects of addictions in people’s lives and their families and how to address this. David is a Clinical Member and serves on the Board of Directors of the Florida Society of Clinical Hypnosis and uses hypnosis for a variety of issues including smoking and weight control, pain management, panic attack, and depression. Since 1988 David has been certified as a Batterers Intervention Provider and deals with anger and abuse in families. Recently David has incorporated Energy Psychology into his practice.

David’s practice is based on his belief that we are all connected to one another and to the Divine Source.

For questions, or to schedule an appointment with David, please call (727) 544-9305.

Science of Mind Practitioners

Douglas Bonar

Following a profound spiritual experience while serving with the Marine Corps in Vietnam, I returned to the states with a renewed focus and purpose. I turned in my top-secret crypto clearance as a protest against the war and set out as a peace activist. My spiritual journey was also enhanced via my long struggle with addictions. Days after arriving stateside I found and bought the book Cosmic Consciousness which helped me understand my Vietnam experience and define my spiritual quest. Over the years I’ve explored many spiritual paths and attended many religious establishments. I’ve chanted with the Krishna’s and accepted an Ascended Spiritual Master. I attended a Unitarian Universalist church, the Religious Society of Friends, Center for Conscious Living (a Science of Mind church) and now First Unity Spiritual Campus where I can continue to pursue New Thought theology.

My activism has also spread into my professional life. I graduated from the University of Florida with two graduate degrees in counseling. My graduate research was on the use of altered states of consciousness in therapy. I have been a Licensed Mental Health Counselor for over 30 years and specialize in the field of family violence. Clients are court-ordered into my private practice to attend a 26-week group for domestic violence. I feel extremely blessed to be able to “initiate the uninitiated.” I use an established national curriculum and teach New Thought principles.

Additionally, I am a member of the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) and the facilitator of the Tampa Bay community group. IONS is recognized as the world’s best research into consciousness, spirituality, and expanded human capacities. What a magnificent time to be alive when Science and Spirit recognize the same truth – we are One and connected.

My life and work became my Ministry. I am proud to now call myself a practitioner of Science of Mind. I affirm the beauty of the present moment and the possibilities for the highest good of all. And so it is.

Marya Flurnoy

Marya’s life changing journey started in 1989 when she started applying the teachings of Unity, New Thought and Christian Science to every aspect of her personal and business world. As an Interior Designer, she worked with clients on a worldwide basis using intuitive insight while co-creating residential and business spaces. Her success has spearheaded JBI (Just Be It) – a Business Development Consulting Firm. She has developed empowerment techniques to assist clients in achieving individual infinite potential within home and heart. Marya’s ministerial background started at Center for Conscious Living with Rev. Pat Palmer and later ordained with Rev. Pat King. Now a Minister at First Unity, Marya’s passion is for every individual for feel and know self-love and to be the empowered one in their own life. By knowing this truth, and the infinite possibilities, life is a gift to be experienced and expressed. As a consultant, Marya applies her training in EFT, Theta Healing, Processing and Energy Healing—to support and allow for self-empowerment.

She directs L.o.l.l.i.p.o.p. – (Lessons on Living Life in Pursuit of Purpose) which is a fun, imaginative play-shop that assists in boasting a person’s self-worth, amplifies confidence, and allows one to step into their best self. Along with her husband Ron, she also teaches the Start SMART Empowerment Series (Success Manifests as Realized Thinking).
Living her passion, realizing the beauty, love, joy and genius within all, Marya is available to inspire through art, books, workshops and speaking.

For Affirmative Prayer Treatment and more information, contact Mayra at (727) 510-8699 or email her.

Rev. Ron Flurnoy

First Unity Ministerial Staff & Science of Mind Practitioner
Born in Alabama, Ron moved to Florida in 1983, and began his ministerial journey at Center for Conscious Living with Rev. Pat Palmer. He was later ordained as a minister by Rev. Pat King. Now a Minister at First Unity, “I love assisting others in changing their story about themselves and their life, so they are free to demonstrate a life filled with love, wellness and prosperity.”

Ron and his wife Marya’s ministry has been through mentoring their employees over the last 25+ years in their successful interior design business, as well as three other Business that Ron is CEO manages and directs.

Ron and Marya teach practical Science of Mind Prosperity Workshops at First Unity including Change Your Thinking, Transform Your Life, and the Start SMART Empowerment Series (Success Manifests as Realized Thinking).

Ron is available for consulting and prayer requests at [email protected] and 727-510-9186.

Rev. Nyela Oluchi Hope

A “Self-Love in Action” transformational teacher, coach, speaker, singer, and author. Ordained by the University of Metaphysics, Sedona, AZ. Rev. Nyela presently serves as a Minister and Science of Mind Practitioner at First Unity Spiritual Campus, St Petersburg, Florida.

Rev. Nyela Ed.S, M.Ed. is a Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner, Certified Numerologist, and Usui Reiki Master. Rev. Nyela teaches a number of workshops and classes on emotional, physical, mental and spiritual wellness in local and spiritual communities. She dedicates her gifts, talents and abilities to inspiring, encouraging, and educating others to live their best lives now.

Bill Loving, RScP

Bill Loving is a 20-year licensed Spiritual Practitioner Emeritus of Religious Science, member of First Unity Spiritual Campus, St. Petersburg, Florida and member of Mile Hi Church of Religious Science, Lakewood Colorado.
Raised on a ranch in the mountains of Colorado, Bill’s early years were influenced by the grandeur of nature in the Rockies and the inclusive & diverse teachings within the Unitarian Universalist Church. “Sunday school” for kids involved visiting other churches like Jewish Synagogues, Buddhist Temples and Catholic Parishes… exploring the many faith traditions of our human family. The Unitarian teachings are based on the sacredness and diversity of all peoples.

Professionally, Bill pursued a technical education in engineering which unfolded as a 40-year high technology career, the last 30+ of which have been in the role of President & CEO of both public and private companies.
In 1994, Bill and his wife Sue were introduced to the life affirming, inclusive teachings of New Thought when discovering Mile Hi Church in Colorado. It was immediately clear that they had found a group of likeminded people, a positive environment in which to raise their children and to come on a regular basis to learn and grow spiritually. Bill has served this New Thought community in many ways over the years, including being on the Board of Trustees.

After over six years of Spiritual study, Bill became a licensed practitioner in 1998. His global (49 country) software company became his ministry… an active way to model the belief in the Unity of all people in the world… a way to treat all with respect and to demonstrate that international business can bring the world closer together in Peace and Joy. Bill’s personal mission is to inspire all those he comes in touch with to find and explore their unique gifts… To encourage taking risks and stretching their existing boundaries.
Bill is also an active member and on the board of the Sunrise Rotary, a local St. Petersburg chapter of Rotary International, a global service organization dedicated to actively making a difference in the world by helping others.
Discovering the beauty and magic of St. Petersburg in 2002 when their daughter attended Eckerd College, they quickly made it their sea level home. After exploring a variety of New Thought communities in the area over the years, Bill and Sue found First Unity Spiritual Campus in 2015 and have now fully embraced their new Spiritual Home… actively serving our community in the roles of Science of Mind Practitioners, leading Wednesday evening healing service, etc.

Bill is available at [email protected] and 727-864-3398

Sue Loving, RScP

Sue Loving was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. She was brought up in the Catholic Church. In high school she began to realize that, as far as religions go, there were many different paths to God. Many aspects of Catholicism didn’t fit. At this time, she realized that she was a “spiritual being” that transcended this organized religion.

In 1994, Sue walked into Mile Hi Church of Religious Science and felt like she had come home. In the past 24 years, Sue has taken classes, become a licensed Practitioner, been on many committees, and served on the Board of Trustees for two different three-year terms. She has served as the President of the Board and a Vice President. In addition to this, she has studied and become a Reiki Master.

In her professional life, Sue had a 30-year career in education. For the last 12 years of her career, she was an Elementary School Principal. She was so lucky to be able to do work that she was passionate about. She worked hard to put the Principles of our belief system to work in all that she did.
Sue and her husband Bill spend half of their year in Florida. They are so very excited to have found First Unity Church and feel that it supports their own spiritual development and provides them with a place to give of their time and talents. Thus far, Sue has worked with Bill to facilitate the Wednesday Night Healing Service and has done individual prayer sessions with congregants. She looks forward to serving in new and different ways.

Sue is available at [email protected] and 727-864-3398.

Rev. Nicole Reed

Rev. Nicole Reed RN, BSN, Reiki Master, Energy Healer, Spiritual Life Coach
As a nursing student, in the midst of observing an autopsy, Nicole said to herself ” There has got to be more to life than this. a cold dead body ? No”. This unexpected , AH HAH, moment in 1980 started Nicole on her spiritual journey. This spiritual journey has taken her to many countries around the world and back. Always seeking, learning and never missing an opportunity to be of service .Be it serving a meal, consoling the bereaved, acting in the capacity as a nurse,energy healer, spiritual life couch, or just being there to offer support. Being able to help others in achieving their optimal level of spiritual, mental and physical well being is her passion and calling in this life. It is her intention that everyone has knowledge of and access to all healing modalities.

Nicole received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing at Coppin State University, Md. While living in California, Nicole studied with various Reiki Masters and Energy Healers. She also trained and was certified in Hypnotherapy for Deep Inner Healing, with Marilyn Gorden, Oakland CA. She has been a student of Ernest Holmes for the past 30 years, studying and practicing the Science of Mind Principals. While living in Georgia, for a short period of time, Nicole was introduced to Unity. She found that Unity’s Principals and the Science of Mind Principals where in line with one another.They each focused on oneness. In 2004 Nicole, and a few others assisted Rev Paula Byfield in opening the first and only Religious Science Center in Baltimore , Md.It is called The Spiritual Empowerment Center. Nicole attended Innervisions Institute for Spiritual Development for six years. Doing that time she studied under Rev. Iyanla Vanzant. She was ordained as a Minister by Reverend Ylanla Vanzant.

For information or questions call (410) 660-6249, or email [email protected]