Our Spiritual Leader is on the Leadership Council of AGNT

The Association of Global New ThoughtThe Association of Global New Thought, www.AGNT.org, provides ideas, thoughts and programs for the Conscious Majority to create a world which works THROUGH everyone.

The goal of the Association for Global New Thought’s programs in spiritually guided activism is to support concerned and informed citizens in their emerging role as ethically motivated community leaders.

Temple Hayes Ministries

THM (www.TempleHayes.com) is also a 501c3 non-profit under Unity Worldwide Ministries which provides our community with the book, “The Right to Be You” and 7 week workbook which has been used by ministries and small groups across the country.

THM hosts activities throughout the year which empower others to take a stand, to be a difference maker.

Temple Hayes has been featured on radio shows, TV shows, Oprah Winfrey’s website and many other speaking forums to promote Life Rights – Creating Peace through the honoring of life in all living things.