A Vision to Expand Consciousness Across the Globe

The world is not broken. That is a fundamental truth that our spiritual leader, Rev. Dr. Temple Hayes, built her vision upon. But far too often, we find ourselves trying to fill roles that were not ours to take, or trying to become our picture of what we think the world needs.  When truly, the answer is simple.  The answer is you.  You hold everything within you when you begin to accept that you are not broken. When you begin to come from a place of self realization and fullness rather than not enough, you can connect to the heart of the world! The Institute offers courses on spirituality, empowerment, and well-being to manifest that purpose.

The vision and mission of the Institute is to shift the education paradigm beyond the brick and mortar models. The model is created to develop YOU; not what you can memorize or store in your memory. The Institute creates a path for a leader to have skills to face everyday life rather than learn information one will never use. The needs of communities around the world are fast outgrowing the number of credentialed spiritual leaders, managers, teachers and difference makers. In an effort to meet the demand of growing communities to create their own sustainable communities, the courses offered at the Institute empower others to step up and into their roles as leaders in their respective communities around the world.

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