First Unity Blogs

Just A Touch Of Love

  For years, I was negatively contributing to strangers’ visible difficulties. Sometimes, I’d sit in my car at a traffic light and a homeless person standing on the sidewalk would start talking or screaming to themselves. I’d look over at... Continue Reading »

Poisonous Envy

Envy is the mad person in your brain. It’s like a venomous snake slithering through you.  You can be having a wonderful day and then envy shows up on your doorstep to steal the joy away. It could be seeing... Continue Reading »

How to Stay in the Attitude of Gratitude

  “Gratitude is my attitude,” is a mantra we use at First Unity Spiritual Campus that helps us shift our mindset from lack to abundance. It causes us to pause and reflect on our blessings, which attracts more abundance. Rev.... Continue Reading »

Forgiveness Begins with Patience  

Blog by Skyla Luckey   Sometimes it takes us a short time to forgive someone and other times it takes a long time. And a long time might be too long as it affects our mental health and physical being. More... Continue Reading »

Love Creates Miracles

Love, prayer and faith saved my life after a speeding car hit me. I was in a coma with severe brain damage. The doctors told my parents to pull the plug on me because there was no hope. My... Continue Reading »