Chaplains are Here to Support You

They will pray with you, listen to you, and hold what they hear in confidence. Unlike hospital chaplains, Unity chaplains are not ordained and are not trained to counsel. Our chaplains make monthly wellness calls to all church members, offering to pray with them. All requests for prayer are held in the strictest confidence. Chaplains also are available for individual prayer after each Sunday service, fill out a prayer request

What Chaplains Do: Our mission at First Unity Spiritual Campus is “inspire, ignite and invigorate ourselves to pave our spiritual path.” In support of this mission, we are committed to reaching out in prayer, pastoral care and support to our community.


Someone who is here to support you on your spiritual journey.
Someone who will create and hold a sacred space with you.
Someone who will listen to you and hold what is heard in the strictest confidence.
Someone who will pray with you.
Weekly services: Our chaplains support our mission by reaching out in prayer, comfort and support to our congregation through weekly services. Prayer is offered to anyone who desires after services each Sunday. The chaplains also attend a one hour prayer and meditation service at 6:00 pm every Wednesday in the Sanctuary. Each service includes special music, meditation and prayer for anyone who requests it.

Monthly wellness calls: Our chaplains also make monthly wellness calls to all members, offering to pray with them. Although only members are called monthly, everyone is welcome and invited to ask chaplains for prayer and attend the weekly prayer and meditation services. All requests for prayer are held in the strictest confidence.


If the Unity Chaplain Program resonates with you and feels like an opportunity you would like to explore further, please plan to attend one of our chaplain orientation sessions, offered annually. Watch our website, newsletter and bulletin for information about the next sessions. Attending one of these orientation sessions is mandatory for all those who ultimately decide to take this next step and attend the training.

If you want to express your interest today by completing the inquiry form here. We can contact you when the next orientation sessions are scheduled.

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