Emotional and Spiritual Support

At First Unity Spiritual Campus we are guided by Unity and Science of Mind principles — we teach a positive, practical and progressive approach to spirituality. We honor seekers and Spiritual Direction is a way to deepen your relationship with the God of your understanding.

Spiritual Direction is a sacred time when two people join together in a contemplative practice with the intention of revealing more of God in their life. The intention is to experience the Divine by prayerfully listening and being open to Gods’ guidance.

The role of the Spiritual Director is to affirm your growth, clarify your experience by asking questions, and challenging you to seek a deeper, more meaningful relationship with God. In doing so, we will both grow into a deeper connection with the God of our individual understanding and become more like the individuals we were created to be.

Unity Includes Mental Wellness

In Unity, there is wellness – body, soul, spirit and mind. Your mental wellness contributes to the wellness of your entire being, a being that is valuable and worthy of the love and support afforded to all children of God

What is a challenge but an opportunity to awaken our consciousness in a new way?

Mental health challenges are opportunities to remember that we are always connected to an unlimited Source of abundant good, and that there is plenty of everything we need to alleviate dis-ease. Mental wellness is yours – right here and right now.

For resources and more information visit: unity.org/resources/mentalwellness

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