We Create Community For All Beings

Through our thoughts, words and actions we demonstrate the message of Unity. Our spiritual community takes this statement to heart.


We created a pet adoption ministry in 2013 and are thrilled to say that over 240 pets have been adopted thus far. Rescue teams visit us every week and bring amazing dogs and cats to be adopted. Animal adoptions at First Unity Spiritual Campus are every Sunday from 10:30 am – 1:30 pm on the Campus.

We are truly taking action within our community while at the same time teaching our children how we model our values and our teachings. We also accept donations and food. For more information please email Paul Solan.


We have had a bird sanctuary on our grounds since 2007. We get to enjoy the many happy birds who have chosen our sacred grounds as their home. We have individuals dedicated to the feeding and nurturing of our birds. Many of them have houses, apartments and bird condos on our grounds and add the gifts of their presence and their singing throughout the property. We are deeply blessed – chirp, chirp.

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