The best and most supportive relationships in the world are the ones that allow you the freedom to go with the flow…

Have you ever had a visitor coming for several days and somehow you just knew that it wasn’t going to happen?

Or have you had a sense that the trip you were taking just wasn’t meant to be?

Though planning is a very crucial and necessary part of our daily lives, we can also get too caught up in following” the plan” that we fail to recognize the clues and indications for change. We all enjoy watching CSI and one of the episodes was about the investigation techniques and how you can’t get so focused in the case going in a certain direction that you fail to see ALL of the Evidence. The same is true with how we live our lives. If you plan too much, you don’t leave room for the special surprises, if you pay attention to the things that knock on your door three times…it could be worth pursuing.

As we have heard numerous times, life is a journey, not a destination. The journey comes from the KNOWING and the MYSTERY.

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