What is it all about?

It is about having the finances to follow our vision of where we need to go in the future. It is being able to meet our expectations as we move to our new home.

What will the Club look like?

The club will have 500 members who individually contribute at least $104 per month to First Unity. Those who currently contribute at least $104 per month ($1284 per year) are encouraged to continue doing so, and are already members of CLUB 104.

What benefits will the congregation receive from being in club?

There will be several different types of benefits. Club members will be eligible for free and discounted services from a list of merchants. Some of these are a free Unity class, a free ILLLI class, coaching or counseling. Club members will also have their name on a different colored leaf added to the Tree of Life. All these are to thank members for giving to their spiritual community.

How does one get into the club?

  1. There are different of ways to begin the process.
  2. Those already contributing at least $1284 per year are in the club.
  3. Submit a CLUB 104 membership form including your credit or debit card numbers, and have contributions of at least $104 a month automatically processed.
  4. Mark all cash or check contributions with your name and CLUB 104.

How will this money be used?

The money will be used to deliver our message to the world and the masses. To enhance the growth of First Unity Campus as we move to our new home. To help support our goals and dreams of a new home with a pyramid, a school serving children age 3 through high school, a residential learning center and the Institute for Life Long Learning International.

What is the significance of the number 104?

1 is progression 0 is God 4 is Passion
104 is an Angel number pressing us forward.
104 is wisdom in making the right choices.

Your strain today will give you gain tomorrow.

Club 104

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