What is Club 104?

Club 104 is a unique way to consistently support First Unity Spiritual Campus each month.

What is the Significance of the Number “104”?

We acknowledge the energy associated with Angel numbers , and chose to incorporate their vibration when naming Club 104.

1 – Everything that has life grows. Here at First Unity Spiritual Campus, we are active, alive, and always growing.  The number one (1) symbolizes our commitment to progression.

0 – We acknowledge “the presence and power of the blessed spirit to bring into manifestation our world, according to perfect divine law.”  The zero (0) signifies our connection to the Divine.

4 – Our collective spiritual journey extends far beyond one campus.  As we endeavor to perform the“greater works than these”, we are fueled by our desire to share the unity message with the world. The number four (4) signifies our passion.

Club 104 represents us progressing together, fueled with passion and guided by Divine wisdom.

Who are Club 104 Members?

We envision Club 104 as a collective of at least 500 individuals and businesses that consistently contribute at least $104 each month to First Unity Spiritual Campus. (Those who currently consistently contribute more than $104 each month are encouraged to continue doing so, and will be automatically enrolled into Club 104.)

How Do I Submit My Contribution?

For your convenience, your Club 104 contribution can be automatically processed each month with the credit or debit card of your choice.

How are Club 104 Contributions Used?

We are grateful that our spiritual community extends beyond only a physical campus. Each day, we reach tens of thousands through our website, social media, courses and events.  Our community is global and active 24 hours a day.  Your Club 104 contribution supports the essential daily operations that enable us to deliver our message of unity to the world.

What are the Benefits of Club 104 Membership?

We honor your commitment to First Unity Spiritual Campus, and to memorialize your support, your name will be added to our Tree of Life donor wall.  Club 104 members can also enjoy the following:

  • FREE and discounted services from over 50 participating merchants
  • Special Club 104-only events
  • FREE and discounted admission to local and online campus events
  • FREE attendance to one Unity course each quarter
  • Discounted courses on ILLLI.org
  • FREE Crystal Bed Session, and more!

How Do I Join Club 104?

You may enroll in Club 104 by filling out the form below. If you already consistently contribute at least $104 each month, and are not yet enrolled in Club 104, contact us here.

If you would like another contribution assigned to a Club 104 membership, please include a “CLUB 104” designation along with your first and last name as applicable.

Club 104

  • Please enter the amount you would like to pledge monthly above.