Building Hope. Building Families.

FOSTERING HOPE MINISTRY at First Unity Spiritual Campus celebrates and expresses gratitude for all Pinellas County child welfare staff!

The mission of our “Fostering Hope” ministry is to strengthen the Pinellas County child welfare system by increasing the number of foster homes, increasing the number of mentors for youth aging out of foster care, and providing support and resources for foster parents and front line foster care staff.

Our vision is that there is an improved quality of life for all youth currently in or aging out of foster care as well as those individuals who provide services to them.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN BECOMING A FOSTER OR ADOPTIVE PARENT, PLEASE CLICK HERE ( for general information and/or contact Diane Johnson at 727-456-0600 . Please identify that you are with First Unity Spiritual Campus. Join local Foster Parents + Partners every 3rd Thursday at 7pm, register here for the Virtual Q & A Info Sessions.
IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN BECOMING A MENTOR for teenagers aging out of foster care, please go to for general information and/or contact Michelle Walag at 727-954-3989, ext. 223. Please identify that you are with First unity Spiritual Campus. (Orientation and training currently on-line.)
 IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY A LICENSED FOSTER PARENT, we want to support you.  Please call or text Sharon Lardieri at 727-455-3556 or email to
For more information please email

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