United we Stand, Divided we are Merely a Distraction.

– Temple Hayes

Haitian-Mission-Par-la-FiOur outreach is expansive throughout the country. We support many other ministries in the Unity movement either through financial support or offering various resources. We offer eleven engaging and community-growing programs for a minimum fee for use in all kinds of ministries. Check them out here!

We support Haiti Mission Par La Foi, Inc., a private school in Haiti which throughout the year we have fundraising projects and various collaborations with the school’s founders.

Our Youth creates projects throughout the year for the homeless.

We are one of the top provides for the Angel Tree each year offering families from different organizations the ability to offer their children holiday magic.

We also have a Pet Tree which hundreds of items are offered for the pet rescue teams.

We live by the philosophy that “it is ours to do.” If not us – WHO?